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Aventuras de Chile

Today is July 16th, a national holiday in Chile. It’s for Virgen del Carmen, a religious holiday. To celebrate my day off of work (I really needed a break from the 8-hour a week load I have now accrued) I went to La Memoria, a human rights museum documenting the military coup that occurred on September 11th and all the events following.


In Chile, there is a street called Once de Septiembre. I actually live fairly close to it. When I first saw it I immediately thought of 9/11. I think most norteamericanos would.

I associate 9/11 with the year 2001, when there was a terrorist attack that would change many US citizens views on homeland security. But before 2001, 9/11 was an infamous date for another reason.

Salvador Allende, the president of Chile from 1970-73, was killed on this day. Allende was a Marxist who promoted…

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